tivi led skyworth 40inch 40e510 dbtv2
SKYWORTH 32E510 gia siSKYWORTH 32E510 gia tot

6.900.000₫ 6.600.000₫

Thương hiệu: Skyworth

Skyworth LED TV 40E510 screen fitted IPS panel, công nghệ điều chỉnh đèn nền độc đáo mang đến chất lượng hình ảnh sống động, độ phân giải cao và màu sắc phong phú.

Hệ thống âm thanh 2.1 kênh kết hợp công nghệ giả lập âm thanh vòm tạo nên hiệu ứng âm thanh hoàn hảo hơn Skyworth LED TV 40E510 for users to experience new entertainment space as in cinemas.

Skyworth LED TV 40E510 equipped with all USB communication interface, Cổng truyền hình analog, Hdmi 2 cổng thoả sức kết nối các thiết bị trình chiếu.

Also many features waiting for you to discover Skyworth LED TV 40E510

Model 40E510. Tích hợp: Truyền hình kỹ thuật số mặt đất, wiffi, kết nối smartphone, Internet TIVI.
– Loại LED HD- Kích thước: 40 icnhes
– Sản xuất tại Việt Nam
– Kích thước sản phẩm (D x R x C cm) 90 x 57 x 6
– Trọng lượng (KG) 8.5 kg
– Màu Đen

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Product Description

Skyworth LED TV 40ich – 40E510

Skyworth 40E510 advanced line of LED TVs from Skyworth Group - one of the ten biggest TV brand globally. Devices are integrated some modern projection technology as IPS screen, technology optimized 10bit color and sound systems Dolby Digital Pro. TV Skyworth40E510 promises to bring you a great entertainment space when watching the blockbuster movie with family and friends during the weekend.
Tivi skyworth 40E510  40’

Tivi skyworth 40E510 40’

IPS screen
Using technology unique level converter, no watermarks, response time, high speed and wide viewing angle, improved image quality and unlimited depth. Using matrix backlight technology can make the backlight brightness is adjusted automatically according to the input signal, improve the quality of images, reduce power consumption, reduce eye strain when watching TV pains. Color enhancement technology 10 Bit strong cover drive technology 10 Bits and liquid-crystal display 10 Bit. Making the transition more vivid color, wider color gamut and improved.
Màn hình IPS cho hình ảnh sống động

IPS screen for vivid images

TV Skyworth 40E510 a media system strong and help you read the audio and video files in your mobile device anytime. You can also look through your photos while you are enjoying music. Skyworth TV functions quickly identify and read, give you much more perfect choice.
Tivi skyworth 42E360 tích hợp đầy đủ các kết nối

Tivi skyworth 42E360 tích hợp đầy đủ các kết nối

Integrated DVB-T2
Skyworth 40E510 have integrated DVB-T2 is the most advanced technical world of digital terrestrial television. Thanks to DVB -T2, broadcasters can offer more channels and better quality on each frequency level. Ngoài ra, DVB-T2 signals will eliminate state interference or ghosting usually encountered when weak waves for your comfort when watching.
DVB-T2 giúp bạn tránh khỏi tình trạng nhiều sóng khi xem

DVB-T2 can keep you from seeing waves status

Adjusting the backlight
This setting will help you directly adjust the brightness level of the image. Reducing the brightness will help preserve your eyestrain, and save you some money power.
Bảo vệ mắt với tính năng điều chỉnh đèn nền

Eye protection with backlight adjustment feature

Access to high-speed Internet, meet the entertainment needs of the user unlimited. Users can customize the content on Skyworth 40E510over 2.000 applications in the Google Play Store app store, besides other forms of entertainment such as watching alarm, listen to music, watch movies online or chat with friends via social networks like Facebook, Twitter.
Truy cập Internet với skyworth 40E510

Truy cập Internet với skyworth 40E510

Some other key features:
  • Surround sound system
  • Support almost all video formats
  • Gate Connect S / PDIF audio 2.1-5.1
  • Multi Interface
  • External headset

– Manual LED LCD TV digital terrestrial line Skyworth E510
– LED LCD digital TV terrestrial cheapest available on the market

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