máy giữ xe

Lựa chọn một máy giữ xe an toàn và giá rẻ tiết kiệm để trang bị cho bãi giữ xe là một điều không hề dễ dàng. Hiện nay với nhiều công nghệ phần mềm cho máy giữ xe và nhiều công ty cung cấp máy giữ xe giá rẻ người tiêu dùng đứng trước nhiều sự lựa chọn cho việc lắp đặt máy giữ xe như thế nào để đảm bảo được chất lượng, avoid having to hold the vehicle equipped with a poor quality and high cost effective management of parking becomes a problem. Vậy nhiều câu hỏi đặt ra làm sao đễ lựa chọn máy giữ xe như thế nào là tốt nhất. To answer many questions people wonder this first installation of parking machines need to find out the current parking use such technology for smart parking.

So technology for cheap parking machines on the market today ?

easycap usb 2.0

easycap usb 2.0

Easy to use parking machine cap 2.0 to obtain video signals via USB 2.0 extremely cheap rates. Camera signal into the Virginia Easy cap 2.0 the image is not sharp images and jerky broken late compared to a lot of photo-realistic. Therefore when the parking card is very slow scan takes about 2 seconds from reality the high number of cars parking in a certain period of time when there will be parking congestion.

Bộ chia hình camera 4 kênh

Camera image splitter 4 channels

Máy giữ xe sử dụng Card capture để lấy tín hiệu từ camera qua bộ chia hình. The number of cameras connected to the software is increased 4 compare to 2 Easy camera when using the USB cable 2.0 image quality is improved over the number of cameras used more manageable parking machines 2 and shooting lane number plates and faces. But the quality of the division and poor camera image after a period of use is blurred motorcycle number plates and faces are blurred.

may giu xe su dung camera ip

sewing car giu su dung ip camera

Parking machines used HD camera, IP camera for crisp picture quality scanning speed parking card for the parking machine under 0.5s. Những công nghệ này được sử dụng cho máy giữ xe giá rẻ hiện TCK.VN cung cấp.

The selection criteria to install the unit holding the best cheap car note:

  • Number plate capture camera images motorcycle to quality for crisp, clear images
  • Parking card scanning speed quickly to avoid congestion in the parking lot.
  • Car Racks must keep away from moisture for lasting quality protection devices and rainwater parking.
  • Parking management software easy to use camera images to clearly express a simple easy to use accurate statistics.
  • Cheap but still ensure the best quality and warranty maintenance services remain attentive.




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