A. Guide to activate and test electronic warranty information:

Thank you for using its products Skyworth Vietnam.

Xin quý khách lưu ý:

Kể từ tháng 01 năm 2014, Skyworth TV products will be marketed 02 species: Warranty paper type, and sort electronic warranty:

  1. Warranty paper type (applies to products produced from 2013 go back) the chassis will be Warranty, and information, warranty conditions will be based on bills.
  2. Loại bảo hành Điện Tử (applies to products produced from 2014 onwards) trong thùng máy sẽ có thêm Thông Báo Bảo Hành Điện Tử và Phiếu bảo hành gốc, chứa các thông tin và điều kiện bảo hành.

Ngay sau khi khách hàng mua sản phẩm khách hàng yêu cầu đại lý thực hiện việc kích hoạt bảo hành điện tử hoặc tự mình thực hiện việc kích hoạt bảo hành, to receive full warranty benefits,

We will adopt Electronic Warranty for all products sold later Skyworth:


I. Electronic Warranty Registration: (ice 01 or in 03 the following)

1. Send a message to PBX 8083:
In the SMS composer :
<SDK_So machine manufacturer's phone pham_So shoppers> và gửi 8083.
2. Điện thoại đến tổng đài 18001180 (Free Phone), cung cấp thông tin và làm theo hướng dẫn.

3. Dùng máy tính kết nối internet truy cập vào website: , in subscriptions warranty, and complete information as requested.

II. Check the product warranty period: (ice 01 or in 03 the following)

After activating electronic warranty You can perform check the warranty period by following these steps:

1. Send a message to PBX 8083:

In the SMS composer : <SKT_So machine products> và gửi 8083.

2. Điện thoại đến tổng đài 18001180 (Free Phone), cung cấp thông tin và làm theo hướng dẫn.

3. Dùng máy tính kết nối internet truy cập vào website: , go to check the warranty period, complete information on request.

Important note:

  • Cases products used in case of damage, but unrealized activate warranty, we will be based on the date of manufacture of the product.
  • Với dấu cách < _ > is void, và không bao gồm dấu < >
  • To get to the PABX message 8083, phone must have the money in your primary account.

B. The provisions of warranty and associated services:

I.Che warranty:

Product Warranty Skyworth applicable from the date of purchase onwards or from the date of manufacture (Warranty, Etc purchase invoice.) Product warranty 24 tháng, but not so 30 months from date of manufacture for any deterioration of parts caused by the manufacturer when the product is preserved in normal conditions.

For new products opened crates and use within 7 right, incurred damage due to technical fault will be changed by the same products.

Products are warranted at home within the inner city where the authorized service station set, with convenient traffic conditions for the travel of technical staff.

To receive warranty claims – Maintenance and complaints, service hotline 8h / 24h in the working day (Except pm 7, Sundays and holidays as prescribed by state)

City Area appointment to the client in 1 working day, outside the city area to the customer appointment 2 working day.

1. Conditions are warranted free:

Products still in the warranty period at customer request.

For products 2013, Warranty Card must be complete information: model, serial number, date of manufacture, customer name use, address, điện thoại, purchase date.

Damage caused by the quality of parts or technical errors in the production process.

2. Conditions refuse warranty:

Products no longer warranty period.

Chassis and accessories included.

Using the wrong instructions or wrong mains.

Shell cracked by collision, drop tank, product storage conditions are not good.

Warranty card improperly with the product or erased.

Scratches, dirty, rust, Corrosion caused by environmental conditions.

Products damaged by natural disasters, flood, Thunder, insects.

Products were repaired in places where the company does not so specify or not authorized warranty center of Skyworth.

II. The services of the company Skyworth Vietnam:

2.1 Customer Care Center of Skyworth Vietnam:

Free phone number nationwide: 1800-11-80. Free phone number gives clients the means to contact to request services, procurement, inquire about product information, Promotional information ... Cost of calls will paid by the company nationwide Skyworth Vietnam.

In addition, customers can also call the telephone number : 08.3785.1001, note this phone number customers will have to make the calls.

2.2. The basic warranty service :

a. Repair Service Center Warranty:

Client contact and direct bearing products with warranty (if) to the authorized service center of Skyworth Vietnam nationwide.

b. Home repair services at customer:

To be served at home, direct customer contact with the company Skyworth Vietnam (điện thoại 1800-11-80). In the case of customer contact to authorize TTBH, TTBH authorized to conduct customer service at home before and will report the results served immediately after the completion of the company Skyworth Vietnam. – TTBH authorization set appointments for the warranty to be convenient for visitors

c. Service outside of warranty repair:

When product warranty expires, the authorization of Skyworth TTBH Vietnam responsible service and repair products with attitude and the highest spiritual. The customer will pay all expenses incurred for the repair to replacement components, wages and service costs in the guesthouse, Other costs (if).

If the customer brings to television stations authorized warranty service center Skyworth or its affiliates, fees shall not apply to home.

Standard charges are limited to standard reference for unified charging structure authorized service Skyworth, authorized service stations of Skyworth not pass on the standards implementation process (Schedule of charges listed in the Authorized Service Center)

III. Guide to process warranty:

1. Warranty Process, maintenance products:

Receiving products, detect failures, advise customers in 01 right.

Conducting repairs 2 right.


These products need to replace components that these components have to be imported from abroad, Our company is waiting to enter the components. Therefore, repair time can be longer than our processes.

a. Receiving products at authorized service center Skyworth (TTBHUQ):

Direct customers bring products to TTBHUQ in areas nearest to the warranty.

b. Technical inspection:

After the technical staff (NVKT) Skyworth TTBHUQ of error checking of products, if yes or no errors detected, the cause must immediately notify NVKT customers, and suggest ways to overcome errors, when the customer agrees to the terms of the warranty, the product warranty NVKT receive. (Write a repair bill)

c. Receipt of repair:

When the customer agrees to repair products, We will acknowledge receipt of your product by repair receipt with full information as customer name, mobile phone number, Product name repairs, Time to pay the.

d. Repair:

NVKT will take steps to repair the product so customers can quickly identify the product.

e. Warranty service at home:

Company Skyworth always want to give your customer service the best care. In addition to the warranty at TTBHUQ Skyworth, we also have a home warranty services for these products within the internal LED TV market (cases greater distances, can assist with travel conditions are not too difficult).

Contact us if you need warranty, bảo trì tận nhà thông qua số điện thoại miễn phí cước gọi 18001180.

Company Skyworth will send technical personnel to your home to inspect and repair the fault of the product.

If the fault that NVKT can fix immediately, the staff will carry out repairs.

If the product is damaged can not repair immediately NVKT and necessary to the center for a complete product inspection equipment more. (NVKT written receipt will conduct repairs).

2. Receipt of warranty repair: (BNSC)

a. General rules:

All products bring TTBHUQ Skyworth or NVKT receive product warranty from the customers are required to draw up a BNSC delivered to customers and recovered upon return BNSC product from customers.

So, all the cases brought to TTBHUQ Skyworth products, company Skyworth or received from the client machine, that customers do not receive BNSC is not considered debt TTBHUQ Skyworth products. Where NVKT paid products to customers but not recovered, the NVKT BHSC pay products that will be responsible for compensation.

b. Regime management and reporting BNSC:

BNSC parked Vietnam by company Skyworth continuous release, when requested TTBHUQ Skyworth will provide complete and sign.

BNSC must have a continuous release, and of the following day must be greater than the previous.

BNSC must release enough 100% for the repairs and get product.

BNSC must have the full content on ballot. (Information TTBHUQ, TT customers, No products, vv…..) and must be certified by the client.

c. Implementing Regulations:

All employees of the company warranty and TTBHUQ Skyworth must follow guidelines warranty (Appendix 2 when contracting warranty)

d. The consultancy and customer care:

Organizations dealing with information reflecting customers ensure fast within 24 hours.

Follow, check, management activities TTBHUQ Skyworth on a national scale.

Monitoring NVKT address repairs at guesthouse, fast response time to the relevant department.

Flexible handle bad situations, affecting distributors, Agents and Companies.

Guiding clients with maintenance procedures and advisory products to buy products.

Report Calls care, consulting and reflect complaints in day.

IV. Seven steps to remember when damaged product warranty:

When in need of warranty products, to perform the sequence of steps:

Bước 1. Kiểm tra phiếu bảo hành hoặc hóa đơn mua hàng.

Bước 2. Kiểm tra thông tin trên phiếu có điền đầy đủ không? See type of machine and the machine behind television (include 16 number ) The warranty period may still be in force?


Bước 3. Tem bảo hành có còn nguyên hay đã rách

Bước 4. Gọi 18001180 (phone service free-reflection)

How to call:

Bấm trực tiếp 1800 11 80 trên điện thoại bàn, or mobile phone, without area code. Direct phone will meet members or counselors.

Bước 5. Cung cấp đầy đủ thông tin cho điện thoại viên (as required) and will be engaged in the product warranty period at home. (The difficult terrain case moves to the technical staff will be instructed to bring the product to the maintenance station)

Bước 6. Nhân viên kỹ thuật đến nhà bảo hành.

Bước 7. Sau khi hoàn thành công việc, customers are telephone service visits situation.

V. Policy to change:

In order to take care and ensure benefits for customers, Skyworth Vietnam company policy in barter when shopping stores nationwide as follows:

1. Regulation barter:

Customers may only change the new product of the same type as the technical errors of the manufacturer but must comply with the following conditions:

Time to use too 07 right (after being invoiced shopping vouchers).

Once you have confirmed the minutes of the technical staff of the company or technician centrally authorized warranty Skyworth.

Products from scratches, cracking, wet or sticky chemicals.

Styrofoam Containers not torn, bellows; must complete catalog, accessories, appendices, gift (if).

Having adequate accompanying documents as : Reciept, Warranty.

Product has not been disassembled components (Tem warranty must remain intact)

Where not all the conditions on the right to decide belongs barter company Skyworth Vietnam.

Customers will bear the shipping costs, installation,vi, dismantling,... Prescribed by the company.

2. Products not barter:

The product has expired product returns changed (07 right).

Products scratched, cracking, wet or sticky chemicals.

Clients wishing to change category, design products purchased.

Foam Containers torn, bellows; must complete catalog, parts enclosed.

Incomplete accompanying documents as bills or invoices goods purchase or warranty card.

Product has been disassembled components.


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